The Title III grant awarded to Texas Wesleyan University enabled that institution to install transformative classroom technology including many projectors, DVD players, and Smart boards.  But just putting technology in a classroom is useless unless you help faculty adapt their teaching style to seamlessly integrate that tool into their instruction.

With the support of the Title III team and the Office of the Provost, we devised the Smart Board Certification Plan.  A set of training, evaluation rubrics, and pedagogical approaches that helped faculty integrate the innovative features of Smart Boards into their teaching.

The certification consists of 2 components: a skills assessment to ensure they know how to use the key features of Smart Boards:

And the submission of a Pedagogy Worksheet that demonstrates that the faculty member has considered which activities best support student learning outcomes.

After successfully completing both portions of the certification test, faculty members were awarded with a certificate and (most importantly), priority scheduling in the newly outfitted classrooms.


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Instructional Technologist at American University and proud sci-fi, gadget, gamer, and pedagogy geek.

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