The only thing I love more than teaching, is learning. That’s why I work in IT. Technology changes constantly, forcing you to always be in “school” or experimenting with new software, hardware, and the latest trends. So in that vein, I have enrolled in Grad School again.
In an effort to practice what I preach (or “eat my own dog food” as my boss would say), I will be posting my project work on this site. My new degree will be an MS in Data Science at George Washington University. Hooray for tuition remission!
I have already finished 2 courses and have a few projects to post. So I want to get those uploaded here and maybe even polished enough to publish! I must be doing something right since the newly formed department has already recruited me to TA the Intro course. So I rewrote half the syllabus and am instructionally designing the Blackboard site. Plus I’m taking another course now in Data Warehousing. Plus I’ve taken half the Coursera Certificate nano-degree. Plus I’m getting married this Fall. All because evidently I believe that sleep is for the weak and I will sleep plenty when I’m dead.
I’m not sure where I want to go with the Data Science stuff yet. My original plan was to try to pivot to a physics degree. But learning as much as I have about the purpose and power of a Data Scientist makes me want to leverage my knowledge and experience in teaching and Higher Education to develop and apply Learning Analytics to classroom instruction. Especially combining Gamification as an engine to both collect metrics and inspire inherent motivation. The metrics are passed through an aggregator that presents Key Performance Indicators to the teacher. This early warning system allows teachers to remediate when necessary and reward extraordinary achievement. This system would also allow students the freedom to pursue additional advanced goals according to their interests and abilities. Hey wait, I think I just invented Khan Academy.


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